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12g shotgun blanks (10)

Manufacturer: ACM
Availability: In stock
SKU: 887

Take Your Enemies By Surprise


Each 12g shotgun blank has enough explosive power to clear an enemy position and make any attacking force think twice about coming too close.


Use them in your trip mines and string them in strategic choke points on the field where you do not have the manpower to patrol. This gives you an early warning system for any attacks and allows you to deploy your team across a wider area.


So, if you need more explosions in your life, pick up your pack of 12g shotgun blanks and give your enemy a welcome they will never forget.

Should NOT be used indoors or in confined spaces (inside bunkers or similar) due to the blast/debris and high sound level. If misused these WILL injure or cause permanent damage to hearing.

Over 18's only

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