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6 Shooters 'Hex Shot' Revolver shell group - High Power

Manufacturer: 6 Shooters Airsoft
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: 7812


The Hex shot system is designed to fit Dan Wesson and Wingun revolvers and hold 1 BB per shell, but the beauty of it is there are no finicky reloads and no awkward reloading of individual shells. The six 'shells' are incorporated into one unit making reloading much, much faster. The shells are made to replicate the high power shells.




  • Easy to reload
  • Lightweight
  • Printed from PLA
  • Suitable for ASG Dan Wesson and Wingun revolvers
  • Fires approx 330FPS with a DW 715 2.5" barrel
  • Fires approx 550FPS with a DW 8" barrel


Disclaimer: FPS can vary between temperatures and brands of CO2 bulbs, please chronograph your revolver before using it on an airsoft site.

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