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6 Shooters Pyro Strike Velcro Tab - Small

Manufacturer: 6 Shooters Airsoft
Availability: Only 1 left in stock
SKU: 10305


These little strike pads are suitable for anything with a velcro loop available. Ideal for sticking on your sleeve or vest next to a patch, but we recommend removing it from clothing before striking any pyro onto it. If you can't find anything to attach it to, then no problem, it comes with a strip of adhesive loop velcro as well so you can attach it to anything you want. Each plate comes with four adhesive strips of strike paper initially, to get you started, with plenty more spares available in packs of 10.


The smaller version measures at 40x25x4.5mm, making it small enough fit onto almost any platform whether its on a helmet cover, sleeve or even your gloves. Once you've used one strike pad, just stick a new one over it. This size is perfect for having as a backup tucked away somewhere. There is a larger version available for players who use pyro more frequently.


  • Very low profile
  • Rounded corners to prevent catching
  • Comes with four strike stickers
  • Printer from PLA
  • Extra stickers available
  • 40mm x 25mm x 4.5mm


Warning: Store in a dry, sealed bag or box. Do not let the paper get wet.

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