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Gold 3300 shooting chronograph

Manufacturer: Big Dragon
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SKU: 6944


Gold 3300 shooting chronograph x3300 is a multifunctional measuring device by Dragon. The chronograph allows to measure with high precision the muzzle velocity of a BB fired from a gun replica of 6mm or 8mm calibre. It has a built-in LCD display and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. It is very light and has compact dimensions, so it can be used in outdoor tests without any problems. The chronograph has a thread which allows it to be mounted onto a standard camera tripod. The device is enclosed in top quality aluminium housing which guarantees high durability of the construction. The inlet of the chronograph is made in the form of a demountable funnel, screwed into a thread. Capable of measuring: - muzzle velocity (FPS/metres per second in the range between 50-2600 FPS and 15-800 MPS) - rate of fire (the amount of rounds per minute/second in the range between 0-3600 RPM and 0-60 RPS) - muzzle energy (between 0 and 500 J)

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